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Use this widget to build a clickable food menu for a restaurant site. When clicked, an item pops up a description. Each item is automatically arranged by meal, and you can add titles, prices, images, and descriptions. 

Hook up a content set to this widget for simple updating—even for the non-technically inclined.

Here are some ways to use this widget:

  • Create a mobile friendly menu. Many restaurant sites use downloadable menus. While downloadable menus annoy all users, they especially annoy mobile users.
  • Hook it up to a content set. You can sync content from all sorts of files, including spreadsheets. So give your chef a spreadsheet to update. Then set the spreadsheet to re-sync on a schedule. (And use the content for this widget of course.)
  • Put it on its own page. Your users probably expect to see a Menu page on your site. That’s exactly where this widget should go.


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